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SAFTzine 03 Voyage

A concentrate of Architecture, Art & Culture
by: SAFTzine
Issue: 3
Dimension: 14,9 x 21,0 cm
Language: english
Binding: folded
Edition: 2018 1st
ISSN: 2568-0838
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SAFT 03 is dedicated to the condition of being on the move, to the transience, in a certain sense, of existence itself, a state of affairs, which brings with it a constant reflection on solutions, which might be everything, from being versatile to almost tailored ways of facing the world. The impulse to design something which suits a nomadic way of existence, which permits to arrive at a place and feel at home or which enables a certain experience of the world by producing an environment that did not exist without it, is illustrated through the illuminating stories behind such simple pieces such as a series of chairs, a table and custom bicycle parts among others. Together with Laurence Humier and Alfonso Cantafora we report on the effects the condition of mobility has on our way of life as well as on the effects it has on the world of production and distribution, where the things, which shape our world, might originate.
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